Missing "View more" button for Release Date focus on albums

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Mac OS 10.15.7, Roon 1.8 (build 764

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Description Of Issue

I’m unable to filter my albums by individual year as the “View more” button is missing from “Release Date” in Focus:

This is really frustrating as I often want to be able to see albums released within a particular year or period of years. This thread contains screenshots of the UI I should have access to with “View more”.

Roon are working on this, they have commented on the topic you’ve linked above:

Have you tried adding an album released in 1950, and one from 1960, to your library?

Also, does MacOS allow you to change the display scaling? If it does, try different % settings.

I’m not suggesting these will resolve the issue, but they have been mentioned on other topics on the issue, I can’t recall if they worked, but worth trying.

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Ah yeah this does seem to fix it (I already have 60s but adding a 50s album from Tidal helped). Thanks for tip. Looks like early Coltrane can fix anything :grinning:.

This should definitely work without tweaking the collection though. Even if someone only has music from the last 10 years they might want to be able to identify their favourite album from 2015.



Glad it worked!

Yep, totally agree.

I’m sure Roon will fix it soon.

Hey @SimplicityCompass, thanks for sharing the information that would help :pray:

Thanks @seadowg for bringing this up and for trying the suggested solutions while we work on a fix :nerd_face:

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