Mixes from YouTube .ogg format


I have a bunch of mixes of music from DJs that I’ve downloaded from YouTube. Will Roon pick these up if in the library or am I wasting my time ?

They are in the same folder as their main music.



Check out this Roon Help Page, you will see that OGG format is supported …

As theses are DJ mixes Roon is unlikely to be able to identify them, but it will user their filenames and any imedata metadata (though given the source, I suspect there is none).

If it were me, I would copy over 10 or so tracks and see how Roon handles them, then once your comfortable copy the remaining ones over.

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Yep already done. I went to tracks and nothing??

Thanks Carl. I suspected format ok but Roon has nothing to work with being a mix. No metadata really.
I just want to play it through Roon easier.


Sometimes unidentified albums / tracks can be difficult to spot.

On Roon’s Track Page, have you tried sorting the displayed tracks by date added?

If you don’t know already, use the Cog icon to add the Date Added column, then you can click on this new column to change the sort order.

If that’s no good, is there anything listed in Roon → Setting → Library - Skipped Files … ?

You can also focus on unidentified files?

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Did you create a new sub-folder so these mix tracks?

Did you use this folder forum “music / artist / album / track”?

Do the folders or filenames have any special characters in them (including leading “.”)?
If so edit and remove.

Where is your music stored (local / directly attached storage or on a network share)?
If the later have you try forcing a rescan in Roon?

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