MOCK SPDIF Output on HDA Intel PCH ALC888-VD Digital no sound

Hello, with ROCK installed on an Intel Board the following does not work:

SPDIF Output on HDA Intel PCH ALC888-VD Digital generates no sound. There is no signal on SPDIF. Switching to Analog works fine.

The hardware has been tested with another system and works with SPDIF. It seems that the output in Roon is muted. I tried everything, the player is playing the title but I got no sound at all.

Do you have any ideas?

Best regards

Is this a NUC10-class board without HD Audio?

If it’s not a NUC board at all (this would then be MOCK), ROCK may not have the driver you need.

Post a screenshot of your settings → Audio with the onboard audio devices.

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Hi Peter, i used a Mitac PD10BI board. It’s based on Intel DN2800MT2.
I think the options in bios are allright cause with other software distibutions the SPDIF works fine.

Oh. It’s not a NUC board, and does not even meet Roon requirements. ROCK does not have drivers for non-NUC board, unless your board happens to require the same drivers.

To proceed further, try Windows 10 / 11. Try Ubuntu if you hate Windows.

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