MOCK Use internal 2.5” SSD for music storage

I have Roon Rock running on a - believe it or not - Gigabyte X570 UD motherboard, Ryzen 5800x, 32 GB and it’s working great. The OS is installed on the first M2 drive and I have another M2 drive installed which perfectly shows up as internal drive. Call me crazy but I find that when I am playing music from my internal drive (so the second M2 drive) it sounds a tad better than when I am streaming from my network. Let me be clear, it’s very close.

My music library is about 5 TB and I read ROCK can handle 8TB SSD drives. I figured to try out an 8TB SSD which is connected to the sata III port of said motherboard.
Alas, no cigar. Rock doesn’t recognize the 8TB SSD drive. What I tried:

  • removed second M2 (maybe ROCK can only handle one internal drive at the same time)
  • formatted the 8TB drive in another machine
  • used other SATA ports
  • used other SSD

All to no avail.

So 99% chance this is because I am running Roon Rock on unsupported hardware and Roon Rock doesn’t address the SATA ports.
I’ll send the 8TB back, unless anyone has a brilliant idea I could still try?

You need to let ROCK format the drive, unless you were formatting it in ext4 on a Linux box. Formatting in any other format will not work.

Another thought, with the 8tb drive plugged in, go into the BIOS and verify that the BIOS can see the drive. If it can, verify that it is enabled.

@Rugby Thanks.

The BIOS does indeed recognize the drive that is not the issue.
Thing is that ROCK does not recognize the SSD. It must be the fact that I am using a gigabyte motherboard. I am lucky enough to run Roon Rock on it and that both M2 slots are working. I guess indeed the sata is unsupported.