MOCKs vs Regular Linux + Roon on top

Hi all,

First of all big shout out the the Roon team that documented how to install the Linux Roon Core and Remote SW. I installed a Dell Optiplex USFF with Ubuntu Server and then layered on Roon in like 15 mins, including a migration from a Mac core, compared to many other SW packages it was very easy.

The question is what are the pro’s and con’s of doing this vs using ROCK and trying to make it fit your non NUC hardware i.e. MOCK. In short am I missing out on ROCK only features by installing in this way?

From my point of view I see a ton of questions in the forums that go like “Will ROCK support this random HW mix I found under my desk”, why is the stock answer not just stick on a distro that works on almost all HW like Ubuntu Server using their supported installer and then just layer Roon on the top?

Thanks in Advance

ROCK is a Roon-specific OS with a custom Linux kernel built for the NUC. Consequently, some hardware may not have the necessary kernel drivers and may not work well. FWIW my view is use ROCK with a NUC and Ubuntu*+Roon with other PCs; if you’re happy tinkering give ROCK or another distro a try.

*Ideally Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 using the minimal install.

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