Modi doesn't appear to be my DAC source

Hi, all!

I have been using Roon for about 2 months now and it is great. This is how I listen to music at the moment: macbook (output set to ‘speaker-Schiit USB audio device’ ), sent to modi 2 via usb, sent to aux input on my receiver, so speakers (obviously).

Normally, when I click the signal path icon in Roon, the system output appears as schiit usb, and then the RAAT appears as Macbook… but now, the system output appears as OS Mixer (which I am guessing is the MacBook’s internal DAC?)…

My zone used to also display as ‘study macbook’ (my name for my mac), with a sub-header as 'Schiit DAC’ (which i didnt name, it just appeared that way)… but now, I see no subheader for my ‘study macbook’ zone.

This aforementioned problem began appearing the other day. I’m sure that I am missing something simple, so, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks guys!

Also, I can’t send any screenshots requested.

This should be possible now.