Modifying Parametric EQ presets [explained/fix pending]

I’m really enjoying playing with and using the parametric EQ.

One minor issue/annoyance I’ve come across with storing preset is that there is no way to modify a preset. So if you want to tweak one of your existing presets you can’t just open it and make changes and have it save the new version. You have to manually “rename” it using the name it already had. Obviously not the end of the world, but if you have a longish name for the preset it’s laborious to do this every time you make further changes.

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Oh, and one more thing: Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see anything that tells you which preset you actually have loaded.

Started working with PEQ this weekend and am grateful for its inclusion into 1.3. I have a couple of questions/comments.

I agree with Rance – it is unclear which PEQ saved profile is applied. And more of a concern: I have two profiles saved but when i go from one to the other, the switch does not happen. One profile has two adjustments and the other has three. When i move from the “2” to the “3”, and then check the signal profile, it still says that it is operating with two PEQ adjustments. In short, what should one do to effectively toggle between two saved presets – and no filter at all. Ideally this is done on the fly so we can listen to the changes.

Loading/saving presets destructively updates the settings of the parametric EQ for that device at load time–there is no such thing as the “current” preset.

If you want to update one, save over it by entering the same name.

And more of a concern: I have two profiles saved but when i go from one to the other, the switch does not happen. One profile has two adjustments and the other has three. When i move from the “2” to the “3”

This is a bug. It will be fixed in the next build.

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Re the bug - is it that the new preset is not applied OR that it is applied but not accurately reflected in signal path?

Well done on 1.3! :slight_smile:

Not applied. If you tweak some other trivial setting on the screen it will sync up.

What I meant by “current” preset is when you click on one of your saved presets and the EQ graph comes up there is no title/heading or other designation to let you know which preset you’re using.

Right, I’m saying that the product isn’t designed the way you think it is.

There is no current preset. Think of it like a bookmark. You’re not ever “in” a bookmark–you just load it, and it replaces whatever you were looking at before. Same goes here–when you load a preset, it replaces the parametric EQ configuration you were looking at before. But it doesn’t become current, because there is no such thing as current.

OK. This is a matter of semantics I guess.

Let’s say I have ten stored presets – “EQ1” through “EQ10” – and I want to load the “EQ1” preset. I will go into the parametric EQ screen, click the preset button and then click on “EQ1”. Then the graph depicting the settings for EQ1 will appear. But once that graphic is displayed and (presumably) being engaged during music playback there is no title on the graphic to show which of the presets is being used. All I’m saying is it would be helpful to be able to see on the graph which of your presets is being used.

No, it’s not just semantics. There are actual behavioral differences between the two approaches.

For example, if things worked the way you’re expecting, and you were “using” EQ1 in Zone A, then went to Zone B, and saved another curve as “EQ1”, the expectation would be that Zone A would use the new curve–because you had formed a link between the preset called EQ1 and Zone A.

Because we copy the contents of EQ1 into the parametric equalizer settings of Zone A when you load it, instead of binding to the preset by its name, this doesn’t happen.

Truly and completely, after loading the preset, it has nothing to do with the zone you loaded it into anymore. That’s why we don’t portray it as current or “being used” in any way–to do so would contradict the actual product behaivor.

Gosh, I’m honestly having a hard time wrapping my head around this explanation. Apparrently I have been thinking too simplistically about the EQ presets and not considering zones.

No worries–i’ll just play with it some more and figure out how best I can use my presets.

Congrats on this major update and kudos for the support.

I agree that this behavior is somewhat awkward/confusing. I keep tweaking a couple of “presets” and having to retype the exact same string to overwrite the previously saved version is cumbersome when going back and forth.