Mojo 2 and reviewer honesty

I haven’t libelled anyone as my comment is fair comment, a defence journalists use . Also I’ve shown that the ball rattle is more than obvious to not miss it. The first thing you do is look and inspect it. It isn’t libel therefore.

I don’t know if you are a shop or hifi employee etc but most consumers thank me.

I’ve got loads of such stories from reviewers. Recently I had a reviewer post a comment on a bad streamer review I did . The review passed a threshold where I had to say otherwise my own honesty would be challenged. He said my review was the review he wanted to do, but couldn’t and his was positive with loads of people saying great review. One presumes a business relationship. Ultimately I would because if the relationship is good the bad review holds up. I admire him for his changed honesty and bravery saying so but it does define some trust issues. This isn’t uncommon in audio. Tbh I think this ‘ball doesn’t rattle’ speaks for itself really.

I’m not a lawyer, but I suspect it’s fair comment to say that there is a ball rattle, a fact that seems to have been overlooked by the vast majority of reviewers which, in turn, casts a dim light on the whole review process. No problem there.

However, to state publicly that a specific reviewer is a flagrant liar is a whole other issue. You might be right, but you might be wrong.

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I think it’s pretty hard not to be critical of others without calling it out specifically sometimes as readers or viewers won’t get it. I mean if your view was some units don’t have it and others do then you will go along with the turn of words that someone like me will be more alive too. Also that review came after my one remember ! You consider context. How do I tell you about the streamer review guy, without naming…would you prefer I didn’t say ?

Something along these lines …

“Lots of reviews either overlook the ball rattle or, in one specific case, deny that it exists, yet I found it quite pronounced, as have numerous other people who have spoken to me. Either there’s a big QA problem over at Chord Electronics, or this is an issue that’s simply glossed over by most reviewers.”

The “naming” isn’t the issue.


Point taken but you are playing it down in your example when it isn’t one to be played down. It is obvious the reviewer knows the rattle exists - he has the same product , but chooses not to say. In which case if I say that I name him. I’m
Being confident and assertive in my view and not trying to half guess things.

On the streamer guy…… I can say ’one audio channel X doesn’t say if a product is bad but gives it a good review’ or what else ? ….’one review exclaimed that this is the review he wanted to do but didn’t’ . That’s the same thing isn’t it. You sound like you work in audio? Right?

@simon_price It is your honesty that is at question here no-one else’s… You have claimed that an other reviewer is dishonest in an attempt to “push” your own story (aka raise your views).

So in summary :- Your lacklustre review is not getting the exposure you expect/require so you decide to get some viewers by posting to some popular forums. These forums don’t allow the postings of links without comment so you decide to defame another reviewer as a “comment” to highlight your own review.

I find your claim that this is to showcase your own impeccable honesty and to encourage “trust in HiFi generally” - is laughable and one that a “shining wit” would cheerfully expound (Spoonerism if you need a pointer).

To be clear - the veracity of reviews from no-name individuals are at best questionable and unknown. You are doing your best to place yourself in a known category, that of the shyster.

This is a friendly site, go push your story elsewhere

Wrong, I have absolutely nothing to do with the audio industry. I’m a consumer, and, like you, have very little faith in the review process.

I’m still not sure you’re getting the point I’m trying to make. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with saying that you suspect that any number of reviewers may be choosing not to mention something. The problem is calling a specific reviewer a liar.

I’m done for today - I have other things to do this evening - so if I haven’t made myself clear yet, my apologies. Just don’t expect me to contribute to your “please help me cover my legal fees in my libel case” GoFundMe page when you end up in hot water :wink:

By your admission, you hear a “…rattle against the case if [the] Mojo 2 is moved fervently…” So maybe the other reviewers did not shake the Mojo2 as enthusiastically as you did. Or, possibly, they think it is of no consequence? Does this make their reviews dishonest? No, it does not.

You simply cannot know this. Such an allegation could be taken as slander. As @DaveN says, you really ought to cease digging a hole for yourself.

That was @Norm_Hastle, but I definitely agree - it’s more than deep enough now.

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I can not,not mention them, and everything I say is capable of defence. If I call out untruths in certain examples or those that can be called as challengeable at a minimum , that’s not libel as it goes with the territory of calling it out. If someone said Robert Maxwell was a liar then that is defendable to the extent of his behaviour. Sorry that’s just obvious isn’t it.
I just wish more people would do it as there is an awful lot of gullible people online.

The issue isn’t that they didn’t think it is of no consequence, the issue is that they said it doesn’t rattle at all which means at any level they don’t think it does . They can’t then make a case for being of no consequence as that imputes there being a rattle… Demonstrably it does rattle and I showed that moving it upside down and with a shake. In fact taking it out packaging I thought something was loose inside the circuit board as I said in the review. A reasonable expectation is to find this and at least mention it. I said it wouldn’t put me off personally

As you say, If they would have the view that it’s not an issue for them even though they said there is no rattle, that’s an even bigger point to consider veracity of the review as it would show the reviewer is trying to hide facts they know of the product, that then questions other elements of the review

Context is everything. Can you honestly say the reviewer was being dishonest? Can you prove it? If not, what you say is defamatory. Anyway, I’m going to stop flogging this horse.

Well what about the streamer review case I mentioned. Is doing a positive review but then saying I wish I could have done my bad review, an indication the review he did was dishonest ?

You really not reading the input here. There is no issue with disagreeing with other review whether it be bouncing balls, sound quality or some other metric. The issue is with turning up and calling out another reviewer as having " half a brain cell " or not being trustworthy.

Forums are becoming increasingly unpleasant and intolerant places - you are part of that problem.

For others who have made it this far in this thread I would suggest googling Simon Price to see what type of “rational individual” we are dealing with here.

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Well the individual who is nasty is calling someone a shyster like you did. I’m merely debating a subject keeping it free from personal insults to the people with whom I’m debating. Tbh the majority of people looking in prob thank me but such is how forums work when you have strong opinions you get attacked. So if there is any nastiness it isn’t me.

I’m quite happy to be tolerant when it’s needed but you erode your own argument by calling someone a shyster then saying forums are intolerant and unpleasant.

Reviewing is just other peoples opinions and as we know chat rooms are littered with them. I learn who’s are worth listening to.

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Opinions of reviews chime with consensus groups and reviewing hifi is more objective than people think. Yup the mojo 2 is not quite as good as a Qutest and not just one bods opinion! :grinning:

I can confirm my balls rattle too! Original mojo.

However, only in certain controlled situations. If I have my headphones on am listening to my mojo I can dance around like a whirling dervish and even pretend I’m playing the castanets with the mojo, absolutely no rattle! Not a sound.

But, if I turn it off, remove my headphones, and shake it like I’m making a cocktail I confess they do rattle.

No reviews I watched ever warned me of this I feel betrayed.


It’s the downside to growing old Andy :rofl:


This is true Raz.

I’m a little concerned now that the experiment may have been flawed. In step two it may have actually been my hip that was rattling.

To be honest though that was the most exercise I have done for the last two years and Siri wanted to know if I wanted an ambulance.

Probably best I just sit down, pop a cork on a nice red and listen to some King Crimson.

Have a great Friday night everyone!