Mojo 2 and Roon - HQPlayer connection options

I would like to know the best way to connect a Chord Mojo 2,please.

  1. Mojo 2 usb c to usb c cable to Mac 1 Pro macbook running Roon remote & HQPlayer with ROCK core away in a different room.
  2. SOtM Ultra Neo as NAA for HQPlayer with only cable connection usb c to a for Mojo 2.
    Macbook free of any cable, only running Roon remote and HQPlayer,
    ROCK core away in a different room.
    Thanks in advance!

I can’t answer for your specific application, but I got noise when using USB from Dell laptop to Mojo 2. I solved it by using a WIFI connected RPi4 with USB cable from RPi4 to Mojo 2. I also was able to get good SQ using HDMI out of the Dell to an HDMI audio extractor, then optical to the Mojo 2, but that method only does 24/96 max.

At home, I use a Nucleus and have an RPi4 connected by ethernet with USB to Mojo 2.