Mojo and iPhone with Apple CCK or standard USB to Lightning cable user experience?

Wondering if there is any sound quality/performance difference at all between connecting the Mojo to an iPhone using the Apple CCK or a standard micro USB to Lightning cable?

Cheers all.

Isn’t the CCK dongle required for an iPhone to connect to a DAC? My understanding is that a straight Lightning-USB cable won’t work.

Hello Hugh.

I am currently using a generic micro usb to lightning and it works just fine with all bitrates indicated accordingly on the Mojo.

Am curios as to why the apple adapter is recommended.

Hoping someone has tried both and could shed some light :slight_smile:

I have both, they sound the same to me and pass the correct bitrates to my DAC. I tend to favour the CCK at home as you can charge the device at the same time as playing, travelling I use standard Lightning to USB as it is smaller.

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Cheers Mark :beers:

I may get the adapter for the same reason you stated.

Ah. Perhaps I wasn’t aware those cables existed when I bought my CCK several years ago.

I’ll look into getting a cable similar to yours. My CCK doesn’t have the extra port, so it doesn’t have the ability to play and charge at the same time. A simple USB-to-Lightning would likely be more convenient for me.

This is what I currently use and does the job. Bit long if I’m honest but hey :slight_smile:

This one looks tempting but will need a small micro USB adapter.

I see that Apple sells a Lightning to Micro USB connector. I’m guessing this will work with any USB-connected DAC.

Should work just fine. I believe the only scenario where the CCK is advised is when you have a portable DAC which is not battery powered and will rely on your phone’s power. This is when the portable DAC may not be recognised by iOS.