Mojo Audio DACs that are not Roon-tested and don't claim to be

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Mojo Audio Mystique DAC

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I am thinking of buying a Mojo Audio Mystique DAC. They are not listed as a Roon-tested device, nor do they claim to be. That is not surprising, since they are PCM-only DACs. Will this DAC be allowed to receive data from my Nucleus?

I assume you are going to connect the DAC to the Nucleus via USB? All Roon tested means is that Roon has had that DAC in house and verified that it work with Roon. A DAC not being Roon Tested does NOT mean it won’t work with Roon.

The issue with Roon playing to a DAC is with Roon Ready DACs, which means the DAC has a network interface and is running Roon’s code internally. Nothing to do with the DAC you are intersted in as it doesn’[t have a network interface.

Looking at the DAC’s information, it looks like you’d connect it with USB to the Nucleus. That should work if the DAC uses standard USB audio class 2, which it likely does. BTW, some PCM-only DACs are in the Roon Tested category.

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Hello @Russell_Abel ,

As long as the DAC support Linux and UAC2, it should work as expected with the Nucleus.
I suggest reaching out directly to Mojo Audio to confirm if this DAC is compatible with Linux.

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