Monoprice HTP-1 another victim of "Roon Ready"

The OP has two possible options. They are, return the device for a refund, or use one of the several suggested “work-arounds” until the device receives their Roon Ready certification, if ever.

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Dirac bypass.

Relocated Roon server to rack, so thats better than the shield for audio. Debating on the return of the HTP-1, which I feel like doing just on principal at this point.


For an A/V system this processor seems to be ahead of the pack. Others on this forum use it.

For a HiFi system, not so much. For the money there are better options.

Of course, having two distinct system doubles your outlay.

And therein lies my issue- I’m 50/50 movies and music but I definitely value high resolution audio. I might wait get the AVM70 in December if that actually happens.

You could keep the Monoprice for A/V and for your HiFi needs buy a pre-amp or integrated amp that has HT pass thru.

I have an Onkyo receiver for A/V, but pass thru the front channels to a PrimaLuna pre-amp.

Works for me.


This device is now certified. Any chance we could get a sub-forum for the Monoprice HTP-1?

Hi @Dan_Herrmann

Yes, I’m a advocate of having a category for each manufacturer of Roon Ready devices … I’ll ping the Roon team.

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Sent back the HTP-1 after the majority of the balanced outputs failed. Just got my AVM70, far better unit in my opinion. Superior sound

Does anyone know if/when Anthem does Roon, will it be multichannel via Ethernet?