Monthly payment option

Not currently a subscriber and not sure about all the noise with ver. 1.8 so quick question, is the monthly payment option either:

Pay monthly - commit to a year
Pay monthly - cancel any time


Pay monthly and cancel at the end of any month.

Don’t believe 98% of the moaning about 1.8. Silence from 99,000 of the 100,000 subscribers speaks volumes. They are too busy listening to music and having a great time with the new version.


Exactly - where is it explained on

That’s good to know and good that you’re happy with 1.8. Thank you

OK - but attach the link

This is a monthly subscription. It could be clearer but look at

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Hi @Co2004
The forums are not a place to take the general feelings of the Roon community, as only a small percentage of Roon user’s ever visit the forums and even less are active on these forums (Citation provided in an alternate reality)

I assume you have taken the trial first?
That and a couple of months commitment should help you t
Get to where you need to be.


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Thank you, Brian

You may need to move my last post too

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Hi Michael
I’m a former subscriber and was intrigued by 1.8 and was asking if the monthly payment option was cancel anytime so I could give it a spin for a month.

Hi Dense sorry I misunderstood, are you going to give it another go.
I find 1.8 pretty good, there are bugs but thankfully it is very useful to me on mobile and desktop