Moodeaudio Roonbridge + Squeezelite

Hi, my main Roon endpoint is an Allo USBridge Signature connected into a USB DAC. For sometime now after trying different images, I was running Gentooplayer. The config I was using allowed me to use the Usbridge Signature both as a Roon Bridge and as a squeezlite renderer. In fact, I have been happier with the sound obtained when used as Squeezlite.

In Moode Audio I am struggling to replicate my Gentooplayer setup, Roon refuses to have both end points at the same time. When I enable Squeezelite, the Roon Bridge (showing as my DAC ALSA endpoint) is not working. Only when i disbale Squeezelite, the Bridge works.

I would have loved to fix this if possible as I would like to keep Moode Audio. It has the best SQ in my ears that I was ever able to get out of the USBridge Signature.

You probably need to move this thread to #tinkering since this isn’t a standard configuration and there is nothing for Roon to fix.

Indeed you’re right. it is tinkering. Thanks for this.

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