Moody Blues - Timeless Flight

I have the version as listed on Amazon (17 discs).

Timeless Flight

Importing into Roon shows as ‘Unidentified’. When I try to identify it there are 2 options - one is the 4 CD version and the other list 17 discs. However, only discs 1-11 match correctly, everything from disc 12 onwards is a mess (and the titles for discs 12, 13, 14 don’t match the listing on Amazon). Roon tries to match some (10% or so) of the tracks from disc 12 onwards but the rest are listed below as additional tracks’.

I thought that I might be able to fix it by moving all tracks from disc 12 onwards to the ‘additional tracks’ section at the end but this doesn’t seem possible.

Looked at AllMusic - it only lists the 4CD version.

Mike, are you manually searching for “Timeless Flight” or “Timeless Flight: The Voyage Continues”?

There is certainly something strange going on for both Rovi and MusicBrainz meta for this box set.


Hi Joel,

Timeless Flight: The Voyage Continues looks better. I think that the problem with Rovi / MusicBrainz is that, when they get to Disc 12, they just list 3 sections rather than the individual sings contained within these sections.

For now I’ve created a separate album for each of the discs - this means that I can give them correct recording dates and also titles - that makes it easier to find a specific disc - until Roon (hopefully) adds something which enables individual discs in a multi-CD set to be given names (rather than Disc1, Disc2, …).

Thanks for your help.