Moon 390 working well as Roon endpoint

I updated my living room system a week ago adding a Moon 390 Network player/DAC Preamp. This is the first Simaudio product released with MIND 2 Roon-Ready support I am aware of. Even though it is reported by the Roon controller as uncertified it works very well as a Roon-Ready endpoint. Well integrated with Moon’s native MIND. Both the Roon app and MIND control app seamlessly report device volume levels and support control of the preamp volume. Additionally, the Moon remote controls the current Roon playlist for the zone with the Pause, Play, Forward, Back, keys. Totally cool. If I am listening to another source (like phono) on the preamp and activate a Roon playlist on my controller for the zone, the 390 automatically switches to the “Network” source which is used for MIND and Roon. For MQA, I have Roon doing the decode and the 390 doing the rendering. Just works. Very happy with this combination and I am thoroughly enjoying everything I am hearing.


Thanks for the report. I thinks it’s important to let the community know when things are working as they should. My Lyngdorf TDAI-3400, also “uncertified” is just a joy to use with Roon.

I agree, it is good to post reports on new components and initial impressions on how they work with roon.

I fully appreciate these comments, a great way to learn about what works since many interesting products still aren´t certified.

But how do we know if it works “ as intended” and not only “plays music”? Was thinking about this Lyngdorf since its new to me it works with Roon.

@gwendolyn This is great to hear. I am about to purchase a 280D DAC + MiND2 to hook into my 340i - Are you able to notice on any sound quality differences between using Roon or the native MiND app? (MQA or non MQA) . I will finally have my Moon setup working with both Roon and MQA TIDAL! I just wish Simaudio added a light to confirm MQA quality - all those DSD indicators are going to go to waste for me, almost none of the music I listen to is available in DSD.

With the 390 both MIND2 streaming and roon sounded equivalent on all material I have listened to. Before I set up the 390 I had a 280D running with 250i amp. I was using an Allo USB Bridge into the 280D as a roon endpoint. On some material the MIND sounded better but not all–more of an impression that MIND generally sounded better. I believe it was the USB bridge that was the differnce. I am having my 280D upgraded with MIND2 and will probably sell it and the 250i after I try multi MIND2 streaming. I am really tempted to keep the 280D but it would be overkill for the office.

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What are you using with the 390D as your power amp? How does this sound compared with your 280D + 250i ?

I bought a Moon 330A to go with it. Wonderful amp. I can’t imagine ever contemplating swapping gear now. I blame roon for the pull to update to the 390/330A as the 280/250 sounded so good but didn’t have native roon endppoint support. It’s all roonlabs fault I spent money I didn’t need to spend.

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Haha - yes sounds familiar. I have been on the lookout for a 330A second hand as buying both a 390D & 330A brand new was too big a price for me, alas they do not come onto the market very often where I live. A 280D + 340i will likely last me for a long time now that I can have Roon and full MQA - maybe I will move onto speaker upgrades instead (Dynaudio X34 floor standers)

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Hi @Gwendolyn ,

can you tell me if it is possible to switch back to roon over the input control of Moon 390 after changing to another input right before?

Let’s say i’m listening to a playlist on roon. Then I pause the playlist and change to another input e.g. phono input. If i want to resume the listening of my roon playlist, do i have to press play over the roon app or is it also possible to change the input with the remote to “network” and press play on the same remote without having to open the roon app?

Thanks in advance if you can give me the answer since the support of simaudio didn’t give me a response in 2 weeks now.

Hi @bluething,

I just tested with my 390 and I had to go to the Roon app and press play.

Switching from Network to Phono then back to Network seems to lose the track info on the 390. Pressing play on the remote after returning to Network has no effect.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

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