More buffer (and auto-restart) for internet radio

I use internet radio quite a lot - often playing all day.

Its generally less reliable than local files, with play just stopping sometimes, and then needing a press of the play button manually. I have fast internet, but assume this could be issues anywhere between me and the server (generally BBC highest streams).

I would love to see the internet radio buffers increased to lessen the likelihood of it happening, but even if it cant be eradicated, if it drops for whatever reason would like Roon to try and resume as soon connection is re-established, rather than needing the user to press play.

I don’t think I ever had a Roon internet radio stream drop. Are you sure there isn’t another problem somewhere?

Not 100% (not sure how I could be?) but I don’t have any other internet based dropouts - TuneIn Radio, Netflix, Amazon fire tv & movies, catch-up tv, you name it - all fine. Tidal playback in Roon all fine. Only Roon internet radio.

Some days it’s fine. Other days needs to be restarted multiple times.

I’ll do some more trouble shooting but I can’t think why it would only be internet radio via Roon.

I get the same thing with Radio Paradise, sometimes fine sometimes needs restarting many times, sometimes will need to restart the Roon core.

Thinking about this some more, technical issues aside, it might be nice to have say a 2 min buffer that you can actually use - say if you want to skip back a couple of minutes if you missed something. TuneIn does something along these lines.

Right now the seekbar is static. With a ‘real’ buffer, it would move for the defined amount of time, and then stay at the end if the buffer timeline on the right, and you could then skip back within the buffer duration.

Might be a nice touch. There’s been a few times where in the household noise I’ve missed a track name of something I really liked or a news item and would loved to have skipped back a bit to listen again.