More detail about Valence?

Would it be possible for someone from Roon to explain in a little more detail (as far as you can while protecting your IP) this comment from @mike in a recent Qobuz livestream:

Re: Artist page>Recommended for you

And what is actually interesting about this, like a lot of our recommendation features, this actually has a little bit of a personal twist to it…

which is that, if you’re been using Roon we have a sense of what kind of music you tend to listen to - this list will actually be different for different people.

If you like someone’s more Jazzy period, you may get more of their Jazzy releases…

Obviously the community aggregated data plays the major role in driving Valence, but how, and to what extent, does our own play history (per client-side installation ID) effect the recommendations?

Thank you.

@brian is the one to respond to this, but he’s out for a while (new baby!). When he’s back and caught up, I’ll encourage him to write something.

In the meanwhile, he has written some stuff on how Valence works:

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Thanks, that’s appreciated.

And many congratulations to @brian and his partner! :baby: