More evidence Roon Radio is broken

So after listening to this album

Roon decides to play this.

It’s in my collection and I like it but how on earth is it related to the last album track I played? Its not but it may have some connection to the album before it I was playing which was this as genre.

I had added the last album to the queue but why would it play music related to the previous album? Makes no sense.

It’s also choosing tracks from this same Weather Station album as the start to many Roon radio sessions recently even if it’s not related.

It’s because Valence is an ignoramus that knows nothing at all about the music it plays other than Roon users that play that also play this.

Experiences vary. I can usually see the logic in its choices.

I too criticized roon radio not long ago, but I think it’s working better presently.

If that’s the case, judging by some of the random listening posted on the what are you listening to thread, there are a few roon users that are really going to throw twist into the system… lol! :joy: