More Genres in "What you've been listening to" and multiple-genre albums


Starting with Roon 1.8 I am more exploring at “Home” than “Albums” on my iPad remote. I notice a few things that I would like to change.

  1. More Genres in “What you’ve been listening to”. Now it only has 5 Genres and the others are all dumped into Other. And I see a lot of free space there either horizontally or vertically. Can you add one line for more genres so that it would be a total of 8 genres plus Other? I think one should not be too hard to do.

  1. This one is probably harder. For some albums that falls into multiple genres such as: Alternative, Grunge, Rock etc, can you total it in one genre on Your top genres. Right now the play time will show multiple times per genre but it does not match the actual playing time of the album. This also effects the pie chart of the most played genres so that it does not reflect the actual proportion of play time. Any idea on how to handle this?