More Keyboard Shortcuts please

For example, to step through albums/artists/composers in a browser view (

Also, to jump straight from one browser to another without having to go through the hamburger sidebar thingy.


you know about tab-1 tab-2 tab-3 ?

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Yes but I don’t like the flashing up of the side bar. Picky? Undoubtedly…

Also: please add OSX gestures support - for example two-finger swiping the trackpad for back

btw: please take into account popular keyboard shortcuts that might already be in use - I use command left/right to navigate between spaces, and thus cannot use it for roon history back/forward.

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We used cmd-arrows for back/fwd because thats what the web browsers use (Chrome and Safari is what I just tested).

Adding gestures is a good idea, I’ll put it on the list. Thanks!

Gestures on a Mac are a user-preference thing: it would be great if the added gestures took that into account. For example, I still use the 3-finger gestures for back and forward, and they are swiped in the opposite direction from the 2-finger ones. Or maybe simply just support both.

I do keep trying to swipe in Roon all the time. :smile:

I tried tab-12 to get into settings. What I see is an error flashing by (something about not finding anything) and I end up in Genres. Navigating back reveals that Overview was also added to my history.

Counting the entries is “difficult” so maybe display numbers in the menu (at least when opened with tab).

Another idea is to allow navigating the menu with up and down arrows once it has been opened.

I like the idea about arrowing through the menu items. And it would seem natural to have quick keys for each menu item in addition to the numbers. Hitting ‘G’ to activate Genres would be a better experience, for example. It would also allow for more than 10 (0-9) items to be uniquely activated with a single keystroke.

Also, I’d like to see the rest of the play controls get keyboard shortcuts. I’ve learned that ‘space’ performs a play/pause function. How about next/prev track, and perhaps slide forward/reverse? It doesn’t matter much what key combo is used - Perhaps CTRL-N/CTRL-P for next/previous track since CTRL-LeftArrow and CTRL-RightArrow are already taken? And maybe SHIFT-CTRL-N/SHIFT-CTRL-P for slide back/forward?

Thanks for the chance to suggest enhancements :smile:

I am evaluating Roon, after a long time (and quite advanced, even though I say it myself) Squeezebox user. I am trying to figure out if I could get a similar control experience to using jivelight on a Rpi connect to my TV in the living room. What is so great about this is the ability to control every thing via a universal remote (Logitech Harmony). this is achieved by a very neat dongle called a FLIRC, which is a IR receiver that converts remote signals into keyboard presses.

Jivelite is a modified version of squeezeplayer that 100% supports keyboard navigation, so through this combination my wife and I can navigate our entire music collection and live radio and catch up all from the remote.

I know we could use a tablet/phone/pc to control roon, but the ability to see what’s going on a permanently on TV, and a remote that controls everything else is very neat and simple.

I think if I load roon on a fanless pc with a FLIRC attached, I could drive the TV in the same way and nearly control roon via the remote. what critically seems to be missing is navigation through items. ie I can get albums up, bit messy with a tab and a number (would be better to have a single shortcut) but then you would expect the cursor keys to move up and down and around the list, with another key like Enter/Return to select the highlighted item…needs some thought…but I think a remote/keyboard driven capability like this would be very attractive to many user who prefer the speed (always on) and simplicity of a remote over a phone/tablet.

There are a few other areas where roon has some way to ‘catch up’ but its positives are outweighing these, so I am very close to making the switch…lots to change across the house!!

I’m missing basic navigation with the keyboard like selecting and opening an album via cursor keys (or something else). So I could use Roon without a mouse and also with a IR remote control. Plex/Kodi have this feature for ages.

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What I want is a dedicated shortcut for TIDAL sync. Or a button to sync present in most of views. But a shortcut would be better since i can program one of my mouse/keyboard buttons to perform that key combination.

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I’m also missing (or haven’t found) a shortcut to jump to the current playing track. iTunes uses Cmd+L (Mac).

Is there a keyboard shortcut to heart (like?) a song? I can’t seem to find it. There is one for creating a bookmark.