More metadata not being pulled from AMG

I made a similar post a couple weeks ago, still finding quite a few albums that don’t pull any data from AMG.

Just recently I noticed…

Anika Moa - I have her latest album, no info on AMG for that but they have bio and genre information. When I click her name and go to her artist page in Roon it is blank.

Boulevard des Airs - Same as above, clicking the artist name from the album takes me to a blank artist page?

Don McGlashan - Same as above.

I have many more that are like this. The trend I am noticing here is that all the above I only have one album from the artist, and the albums I have are either not on AMG or there is no info for the album, but the artists have biographies and genres.
I ran into the same thing in the previous post I made… I had only one Cowboy Junkies album and it was not being identified properly. Clicking on the artist name brought me to a blank Cowboy Junkies artist page even though there is lots of info out there for them. It wasn’t until I properly identified the single CJ album I had, then the artist page properly completed itself.
Is this maybe some sort of bug where the artist page does not pull data if the only album available in my library isn’t recognized?

Is this maybe some sort of bug where the artist page does not pull data if the only album available in my library isn’t recognized?

It’s a deeper problem. Human names are not suitable unique identifiers (for example, there are multiple people named “Miles Davis” and “Bill Evans” and over 10 groups called “Air”).

In order to associate an album with rich artist data, we need some kind of connection with rich album-level data in one of our metadata sources. If Roon were to simply resolve names to rich metadata based on matching text without additional clues, there would be false positives all over the place, and many cases of mistaken identity (which, in our view, is much worse than an under-populated artist page).

That makes sense for common names but the ones I listed are pretty unique and it obviously isn’t doing it just with human names but with band names as well. I understand the reasoning but it would be nice to somehow pull the info if only one match is found for the artist/band name, which is the case so far with all the ones I have found.

I’ve found a number of albums on amg now return “Due to label restrictions, we are no longer permitted to display this information on AllMusic.”

I’m hoping it’s a bug in their code rather than labels restricting content.

I noticed the same while visiting AMG, appears to happen a lot with new albums from what I have seen.

We’re running a european label. some of our content is blocked at amg all in a sudden.
checking back with allmusic here’s the reply:
"…A large music distributor has instructed Rovi to not allow AllMusic to display albums in their non-North American catalog of music.
The only way for them to do that is to block all content in their database that is not flagged with a North American distribution location (regardless of the actual distributor).

Since the albums you list must have some element of non-North American distribution in the Rovi music database, we no longer have access to your releases when we request information from Rovi…"