More RAM to Fix Roon Stopping During Playback?

That explains a lot!

While it might, I do find it disappointing that ROON is so sensitive to the network in this way. I can stream 4K movies with zero issues for instance, which in terms of bandwidth is WAY beyond what ROON needs for music.

I run Roon on a virtualized Ubuntu 18.04 machine. It did happen more then once, when I did SSH into the Roon server, that the audio stream stopped. With build 521 it is no problem.

Currently it is very stable. I can do a live migration of the virtual machine to another physical machine and there is no interrupt on the music stream.

I would also like more about the buffering of Roon. When I do debugging it looks like it reads the whole music file into RAM at system start.

I have as many devices if not more in my network.
I use VLAN separation to keep data and traffic away from each other. In top of this I do QoS at the router level (L3 Switch). I have a total of 3 switches. Two L2 and my core at L3 than my firewall.

No issues with roon bandwidth, no latency, no packet loss.

OH and I do wifi both 2.4 and 5GHz for some of my endpoints including sonos.

Only issues I have run in to is that once in a blue moon, roon stop streaming due to resources been scarce on my server and this is self inflicted.

By the way, there is an amount of latency that is considered normal or acceptable over wifi. But ethernet should never experience packet drops nor latency on a local network.

The house we moved to last summer has coax throughout, but it’s pretty much impossible without major work to run cat-6 through the walls (lots of concrete, tight conduits, …). Instead, I went for a combination of Actiontec MoCA adapters and Ubiquiti AmpliFi mesh WiFi. WAN is provided by Comcast cable with fallback to Sonic/AT&T DSL (long story) with an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter PoE-5 that sits next to the home coax box. All of the coax with MoCA adapters is bridged together, and one adapter connects the EdgeRouter to that. MoCA adapters in other rooms connect to dumb NetGear switches for local distribution. Rock solid, but then I don’t use the house internal coax for anything else, as we don’t care for cable TV.

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That was true maybe two decades ago but nowadays it’s not.
Even dsd512 is only 50Mbps, you could do that in theory with 802.11b/g.

Not upsampling is only good if you have a nos dac, otherwise it’s better to have an extrernal computer upsample your music than to let your dac upsample. Most times

How about with rock as os? You tried that if I’m right?

It depends on the DACs upsampling filter. The Yggdrasil in discussion here has a unique filter especially designed to get the most of Redbook (44.1) PCM. From personal experience, it works very well.

:grinning: and that’s exactly why I ended with “most times”. I’m sure iggy does it right.

I guess it should be alright, but WiFi acts strange with a lot of local interference, resending packages, so another theoretical problem could be a small buffer in the Lumin.


I had a similar problem with my mac mini (irregular dropouts in the playback). A friend suggested it might be caused by other software on the machine causing interrupts in the flow of data. My solution was to do a clean install with only the software required to do the job.

Has worked flawlessly ever since.

Give it a try.


Not a bad idea :slight_smile:

I have ordered an Innuos Zenith Mk III

Unless one can accept multi-second delay after pressing Play or Pause, you cannot have too large a buffer with RAAT playback. Lumin RAAT buffer is tuned for good UI response while handling a reasonable amount of irregular network activity with a wired network. (Our native OpenHome implementation for using Lumin app, however, uses as a much larger buffer.)

Having WiFi connection from the Roon Core is a bad idea, not saying it does not work for everyone, but certainly some people’s WiFi setup won’t be good enough.

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I agree with this statement.

Wow, from famine to feast :laughing:

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Yes I have tried with ROCK on a MM 2012 i7 with is a much different spec and its workable but didnt go gangbusters on my 270K library.

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ahh alright then, thanks :+1:

Greetings Peter -

Not to hijack this thread, but since it seems to have run its course I have a question about U1 Mini.

Are all the output ports always live or does one have to select the port to be active from the Lumin software?


Please check out this thread, and we can continue our discussion of U1 Mini there:

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