More RAM to Fix Roon Stopping During Playback?

Those stats are from your ISP to your house. i.e. internet not intranet.

Only partly relevant for dropouts, and then only for streaming.

If you’re using WiFi, that’s probably the culprit causing your dropouts.

Also, wifi can have intermittent dropouts that don’t show on short ping tests, typically when interference or congestion pop up suddenly. When I started doing home digital music, I was using wifi. It would work well weekday working hours but it started limping when everyone was home in the neighborhood using their devices. It was hard to catch the problem with ping, but eventually I went wired and all has been well (still in the same congested wifi neighborhood, but different house).

Thanks everyone for your comments.

My WiFi situation is what it is, and I cannot change the configuration other than to prioritize the MacMini and Lumin U1 Mini on my WiFi network, or to purchase a different mesh router system. Hardwire is not an option.

I intend to proceed with upgrading the MacMini RAM and hard drive as it is needed anyway.

If Roon continues to be an intermittent problem (and it is a problem only 10% of the time), then I will go back to streaming without the application.

It seems like CPU and or RAM could be your problem.
I am using roon over wifi with no issues, though each case is different and wifi networks are not setup the same way… I am trying to clear out that wifi is an issue which in all honesty not… Is all on one’s network setups… I have, once in a blue moon the same issue and when I am investigating I find the issue is my CPU… I have 10 vms, plex, roon, crash plan all running at the same time… Yes I am bound to run in to an issue :smiley:

@Grant_Johnson pm me and I’ll help you troubleshoot the issue.

Thank you, @Tech_Whisky_Lab.

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Speedtest is not an indicator of anything when using wireless. Try wired and seeing it makes things better. If not nothing is lost.

Buy a long cable and try it first before trying to patch with RAM, something you likely don’t need.

Wireless will work well if your network has a strong signal. I started out with Roon running wireless on my PC, 60 foot and several walls away from the Router. I have an ASUS wireless card in my PC with the extended cabled antennas up on the desk and an Asus GT-AC5300 gaming router. The signal from PC to Router was 500 to 700 Mbps per the Asus Wireless utility on the PC. I had the occasional dropout but it did work well enough to get me hooked.

I did decide to go with the NUC/Rock in the AV closet, with Ethernet to the router, and recently spent $770 to get the house wired, but I would have survived with wireless PC running Roon if I didn’t have any other choice.

If you want to upgrade the RAM and SSD anyway, I’d not want to talk you out of it. But acquiring a long Ethernet patch for troubleshooting is probably wise in any case. If it fixes the problem, mesh WiFi might be a good idea.

Also… do you experience the same issues if you don’t upsample?

Good question, @AndyR. I began testing this yesterday, and my first reaction was that the issue improved when upsampling was off. I need to spend some more time with this the next time the error occurs.

Don’t upsample. It is not necessary, and eats your WiFi.
192/32 is a lot of data, data your DAC don’t need. At least, try with 24.

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To me at least the issues sound more to do with the Mac mini than the network. I’m not a Mac user and am not familiar with the kit, but I suspect a 2010 mini is going to be marginal with Roon. The upgrade should help in my mind. If you have an alternative computer with more power you might try temporarily moving your Roon core to that machine; if the problem is resolved, focus on the mini. If you haven’t already you might also try shutting down minimserver. That might release enough resources to improve things.

Bottom line - see if you can deduce what the problem really is before throwing too much money at it…

Thank you again everyone.

I have disabled DSP for the Lumin U1 zone. Upsampling to 192kHz/24 bit remains for the Yggdrasil DAC. The DAC itself does not upsample. It plays the resolution fed to it, so I prefer for this experiment to upsample from Roon to the Yggy.

The system has been playing all afternoon without hiccups.

Sorry, that’s not correct. The Yggdrasil upsamples any PCM input to either 352.8k or 384k depending on original rate (44.1k multiple or 48k multiple). That proprietary upsampling filter is a good part of the reason for using this DAC. I always run my Yggdrasil at native input rate and let its internal filter do the work.

It is worth noting that the original Yggdrasil USB input has been audibly improved in sound quality with the new Unison USB upgrade, which brings USB close to parity to AES, which was the DACs best input from the beginning.

No mention of that feature in the product description.

Schiit’s product descriptions are notoriously terse, for better or worse. The link I gave is to a forum post by Mike Moffat aka Baldr, the Yggdrasil’s designer.

As I noted before (and if you are a new setup and music in importing and being analysed) a 2010 macmini is not going to cut it even with SSD and 1TB of ram. I know this as I have 2 of these machines. As a Roon Bridge they are brilliant, but as a core machine forget it.


This! x1000000.

Packet loss should always be 0.0% on your network. No matter if it is wired or WiFi. Packet loss indicates that something is faulty. Even if you are pushing huge amounts of data, do backups, packet loss should always be down to 0.

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Copy that.

I’m moving on.

Thanks all.

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