More search shenanigans

So I was listening to a Tidal playlist in Roon as per screenshot.

I liked the track by Wayne Davis. Clicking on his name gives me:

But if I search fo him I get:

If I then click on his name: I get two albums which didn’t appear the first time

@support any ideas?

On the Tidal app, I searched for the band Gun. No result. Typing in the name of their first album, Taking on the world, it comes up and all of their other albums are listed as well.
I don’t think you problem is Roon related.

If I go into the same playlist in Tidal and click on Wayne Davis I get the full results. So my particular issue is Roon related

Well, that’s odd, isn’t it? I’m happy that I can usually find what I’m looking for, despite some operational quirks.

When you first clicked on Wayne Davis, Roon showed you the credits of the Wayne Davis in your library; he only had one - an appearance.

When you searched for him, Roon finds another Wayne Davis outside your library and thus shows his two albums (which are not in your library). There are two Wayne Davis artists (who may actually be the same)

I don’t have Wayne Davis in my library

Ahh, no, my mistake. But the assigned credit in the Tidal playlist is for the other Wayne Davis

It’s all very confusing because under one of the Wayne Davis selections I see what looks like performances and albums from artists that might be two different Wayne Davises

I agree. There might even be more than two. There’s an Australian, an American, possibly a Bermudan, playing basses and pianos, and composing too.
Allmusic may have some mixed up.

So I dont think this is a search failing, more a metadata issue. If you agree, I’ll move this over to the #support:metadata-issues category.

Sure thing. Thanks for the help

We are looking into this. Thanks for the report!

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