More support for manual editing and displaying of metadata Classical Music: Reasons for not (yet) dropping JRiver

I am looking for more support for manual editing and displaying of metadata. That is a major reason I still keep JRiver. Manual editing of metadata is way faster and better with JRiver. Also the manual edit of a visual layout of an album when playing is far superior with JRiver.

Editing my library with JRiver also benefits Roon, but only limited.

Major requests:

  1. Explicit ability to edit (and display) an (i) Album Artist and (ii) Artist (by track and variable numbers of names per track);
  2. Explicit ability to edit (and consistently display) the variable “Opus”, i.e. by track Op., KWV, Hob., etc. I do this for classical music. I can search for instance -consistently and thus completely - for KWV 320, etc.
  3. Explicit ability to edit (and consistently display) the “Orchestra”, “Conductor” and “Composer”

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Any update that will ease editing is welcome, it’s pretty bad at the moment.

Roon is a lousy Tag Editor , its not really within their core requirements to fix it as most of its metadata is supplied from 3rd party sources such as AllMusic so doesn’t require editing.

You have the best set up using JRiver for tag editing. I keep my Roon core and JRiver library synced. I even have some things like Box Sets in JRiver because Roon handles then less efficiently. You can also create Custom Tags such as Composition and Movement.

My advise is “stay as you are”, making a change in JRiver will sync into Roon anyway so you need to take no further action.

I still use JRiver for my Video bits so its always loaded.

AllMusic doesn’t have every album made and AllMusic is very much filled with errors, my biggest feature request is they would skip AllMusic altogether and only use MusicBrainz and Discogs where the editors are true music lovers.

I have always manually edited the metadata of my digital music collection before I was a user of Roon and continue to do so. There are plenty of music metadata editors out there - I use MP3tag and dBpoweramp. MP3tag is the best for editing tracks.

Thanks. I also keep using JRiver/Dbpoweramp for editing. Moreover more important now is my major wish to better DISPLAY metadata by Roon. For instance, for classical music the ability to display - explicitly, systematically and consistently - the variable “Opus”, i.e. the catalogue number of the work by TRACK (Opus being something like Op., KWV, Hob., etc.). As a classical music fanatic and audiophile lover, I expect from my system the ability to search “perfectly” a certain opus such as KWV 375 or BWV 2, or any other classical work (“official” number or self-invented). The search result should be 100% acute and not “almost” or “nowhere near complete” like a “google” type or current ROON search. So no WRONG results but more importantly none RIGHT one missing.