More thoughtful typography in Reviews

Typography in the Reviews is pretty terrible, and there are some ways usability and enjoyment can be increased. I fully understand that the reviews are actually sourced from a 3rd party, but they can still be massaged before display to the user.

  1. Remove full justification. Fully justified text, especially in a large window (as on a desktop computer) is very difficult to read due to the variable spacing between words
  2. Use typographer’s marks. use em dashes instead of double hyphens. Use typographer’s single and double quotes instead of tic marks. Use an ellipsis instead of three full-stops/periods, (etc). This can easily be done server-side before bringing it into the UI with something like Smartypants (or, hopefully something more modern).
  3. A more legible font. Or perhaps choices. I realise font licensing is potentially problematic, but either finding one that reads better, or allowing us to choose a local typeface would do wonders.
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My main bug bear with Reviews and artists discogs is the white type on black background, even when using the “light” style.

Even if the background picture went down the whole review / discog rather than just being at the top, it would be much more readable.


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+100 … right on. I find it difficult to read to end of any of the reviews, for all of the reasons mentioned. Plus I will add one more - increase the line spacing.

I don’t know how much of this is within Roon’s control and how much is Allmusic. I suspect Allmusic provide the text and Roon formats it. Let’s see if @joel can tell us.

I’ve reported multiple bugs with formatting of reviews and they are all still open. @mike

Yes, yes, yes. White on black is more difficult to read than the reverse, especially with the serif fonts that are used in Roon for this. It would be nice to have this changed, or at least give the user a choice to use, black on white for this. I do agree, also, with the other points made earlier about formatting.

If audiophiles are Roon’s market, it’s been shown pretty clearly that older people (like me) are a very significant fraction of the group, and our eyes need a little more TLC.