More user definable options

I have actually dumped ROON at work and just use Tidal app. I seem to like the Tidal app more than the ROON app which I use at home. I gave these guys a lifetime membership to show some software development support. Hopefully ROON is just undergoing some baby steps in their growth and starts getting more useful.

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Huh? What would that look like in your world?

I have not used ROON for a few weeks now so I am rusty on the current features . However, I spent the day today and learned a few things I did not know before. I have been frustrated trying to filter out TIDAL collections from my personal FLAC files. I figured this out after some investigation in this forum. Here are some of my ideas after 6 hours of use today, these ideas are derived from limitations I encountered.

  1. Vertical scroll of albums. The horizontal scrolling is such a nuisance on a desktop non-touch experience. More configurable options for the GUI.

  2. Automatically generate album images in various sizes so I can filter by size. A smaller size image allows for more albums / screen. I like that the Tidal app has smaller images so I can see more albums on the screen. I know automatic generation of different images be done with software, I have done this for an eCommerce site.

  3. I just started using Bookmarks today. I never really figured out in what sequence to use them. Seems it is tied with the FOCUS feature. Here is an idea for the bookmarks, create a TREE structure that can be populated with BOOKMARKS. Let me use my creativity to organize BOOKMARKS in a hierarchy that fits my sensibilities. I would like to bring up this tree for quick access to a bookmark. Imagine the creativity that users could express. Think about how people organized their large physical collections, I would wager most people had a system they came up with. Let the users apply such a system to ROON.

  4. I was searching for some David Bowie covers today and it was not in my collection nor in Tidal. Why could ROON not also give search results from some internet DB. Of course the music would not be playable but I would know more details about the song from the search results. I know I could open up a browser and search on Google, but it would be nice if my ROON search gave suggestions of where music exists outside of my library and Tidal.

How about creating or partnering with a music analytics database somewhere as a Cloud Service. Hook up ROON to this cloud to get enhanced search results. I search for the song ‘Changes’ from David Bowie. Help me find all the great covers that exist for this song.

  1. It would be more intuitive if your FOCUS options took a more prominent role in the GUI. ROON’s differentiator is searching (sound quality among the various audio apps seems similar to me). Bring this search right up front. Heck I was not sure where some of this search work flow resided until today.

  2. I question why I need to come to this forum to learn how to use ROON. How about some YouTube videos linked to your app on how to use the app. A power user teaching newbies like me.

This is just a stream of conciseness from 1 day of use.

I kind of feel that the core stuff like Roonspeakers is a bit more important than people getting a bespoke version of Roon for them which will probably not suit every other user. We are in danger of pulling this software in so many directions that it will crack under the strain. I just hope Danny and the Roonies (good name for a band) use plenty of control over all these requests.

My opinion, as a lifetime subscriber, is that Roon still has a long way to go.
These things like horizontal vs vertical scrolling should be an option. A checkbox that the user can set. There are so many things in this software that could be done better. Every user is different yet there are very few options that a user can select to really enhance the way of browsing…

This is just one example but surely a piece of software this expensive should give the user the ultimate browsing experience and options are crucial in that regard.


Agreed options would be useful and I hope to see them in time, however they’re hardly showstoppers and the development effort is being prioritised to get Roon into the market able to be used with Hi-Fi old and new. Things like being able to set scrolling direction are polish on a product that already does a hell of a lot of things right. I’m sure given time the bells and whistles will make their appearance.

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No these things are not showwtoppers and I enjoy using Roon daily for several hours BUT they are still important. It’s part of the way we interact with our music collection. It’s not only the scrolling direction that should be selectable… I think many more options should exist. I can think of many…like language settings or collapsible menu when you position the cursor at the screen edge or custom icons or…or… but these are other requests.

My point is that a software product that aims to be the best in the market should give the user as many options as possible


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Just by way of a note. If you use a mouse with a scroll wheel then scrolling anything (whether left/right or up/down) is as simple as an index finger motion and you never have to hunt and peck for a scroll bar.

I’m running Roon on a macbook pro… No way I’m going to use a mousse :smile: How about swipe gestures to move back and forward… Yet another example

Post your requirements as feature requests or if others have already done so add your like/ vote to it. I’m pretty sure that many of the things you’re asking for will make it into Roon at some point in the not too distant future.

I’ve done so already and with other requests as well… :wink:

@stevev1 : CMD-left arrow and CMD-right arrow are quite handy for forward/back browsing. But I agree on a multifinger swipe gesture.

Let me just say it because it guys from are too polite to even hint at it. Roon is commercial enterprise, not a free for all development.

This a some consequences like a manager who finally decides what’s first in the pipeline :slight_smile: