Most played in Tidal


I love to explore new artists, and the best way to do that is to start with the most played tunes for that artists. In Tidal and Spotify you can easily do that, but when using Tidal from within Roon the only “most played” I can find is one that shows what you have played, which is not very useful for new artists. Did I miss this functionality, or is it simply not there? And if not there, an chance it might be added?

Don’t think it’s there. I don’t think you can do it in the Tidal App either? (I used to use the ‘most streamed’ and ‘most downloaded’ features a lot in qobuz).

In the Tidal app its available, just search and display an artist and it will show “Top tracks”. I tried Elvis Presley (which I never listen to myself), and it lists the most popular songs as far as I can tell, so its not what you have played.

Seems to work better in Spotify though (probably due to more Spotify users).

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Good to know, thanks…

+1 would love to have this feature available on Roon, this is a good way to explore new artist, starting from their most popular songs…!

+1 for this old request. Would like to see ALL top tracks for an artist in the “TOP TRACKS”, not only the top tracks from my library. Seems pretty basic and not a huge change to the search algorithm (guessing).