Most reliable device for Roon Remote

Considering Roon, I’m a bit afraid about the connection woes reported, when using Rock on a Nuc, and another device as a remote.

I have currently a Oneplus 7pro and would like to avoid buying something else if it can be avoided.

So, how does it work for you with a recent Android smartphone and a Nuc? If so so, what would you advise?
Thanks a lot!

Works fine for me on a Moto Z. Note the the app detects it is on a phone v. a tablet and functionality is limited (basic playback) v. full control on a tablet. Edit to note that my core and endpoints are Windows, not ROCK.

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I have the same setup.
Works without any issues. Just I can not control extensions from Android.

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It works fine, there are no issues that I know of. I use ROCK and several Android devices, my phone is a One Plus 5 the phone is used 99% of the time. You cant do some advanced searches or really mess with DSP on the phone but everything else is available and work well for most uses. If you want to use some of the advanced DsP and search tools then you need the full experience on a pc or tablet as there isn’t the screen real estate to do it justice ( will that’s the Roon official line)

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Thanks guys,
I did not know I could not manage dsp on a smartphone.
Can I use Remote on a MacBook when I need this?

Yes you can use the macbook, you can create DSP presets and these can then be chosen and applied via Phone app but you cant create DSP settings with the phone or set upsampling rules just turn it on/off

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I have a NUC/Rock setup that has not had any issues, so far anyway. Always available, no issues with updates. For remotes I use my windows 7 desktop, windows 10 laptop, Note 9 android phone and IPAD 12.9. I read and respond to this website, read the online news, do online searches, write emails and control Roon from the windows machines while listening to music without any issues. And I use my Note 9 phone as a remote and endpoint while I’m outside as long as I’m in range of my network wireless. All work fine.

Ok thank guys for your feedback, you see me reassured :+1:

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Most roon issues are network not remote OS or type issues.

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Ok, thanks !

Reading through the forum and from my own experience, best remote and more forgiving are ios based.

On my network ios remote always find the Core very fast. Not with Android. This has been reported by others and Roon doesn’t have a solution yet.

The way around is for me to start and stop the Core everyday. I am using a Windows 10 Core, which seems now also less favorable than Linux based solution for Roon.

People with simple network may never have issues with Android remotes.

People switching off the Core everyday may never see the issue.

I’m using Apple as much as Android , I must say I have a little preference for Apple
Don’t know precisly why
may be more Fun and Intelligent interface and also more harmony in general with Roon

I use an iPad, Apple make a good value tablet with the new 7th generation. I’ve used various tablet remotes, a cheap option is the Fire tablets. Currently using an HD8 while my iPad screen is getting fixed.

My core stays up all the time and all my Android and IOS devices connect really quickly. The problem with Android devices is often down to underlying network issues.
Statistically one would expect to see more android issues anyway as, outside the US, it has triple the market share.

Thanks guys, all valuable inputs.
It’s true that Android market share must play a role. I understood also, that, though super fine art the beginning, Windows devices tend to be less sarisfactory in the long run.
Guess I’ll try with my Android smartphone and switch to an iOS if need be then (though I don’t like their system)