Motorhead Ace of Spades

This is an example of an expanded edition’s meta-data being used for the original edition. None of these tracks are the 40th anniversary, and Track 1 Ace of Spades is not an instrumental.

Source: Qobuz

Hey @Rugby

My apologies for the delayed response on this report. We appreciate the heads up here, this is a well loved album and a definitive recording. We certainly want this info to be accurate. Doing some initial research it looks like the metadata is incorrect for this release across a number of the metadata providers we utilize. We’re on the case, but this one may take a bit of time to get sorted.

Hi Jamie,

This is just one example of a larger problem. Many time when an expanded edition comes out, it’s metadata is used for different releases. I did not list all the ones I found. If I should I’ll look at my notes and find the others again and list them.

Hey Daniel,

I appreciate the offer but I don’t want to put you through the trouble. We’re looking at ways to implement system wide changes that will help address this problem. As you mentioned, it pops up more frequently than we like with popular re-issue titles.