Mouse or Touchscreen

Putting in place a dedicated Roon machine. Would prefer touchscreen to mouse. Does anyone have experience with the Roon touchscreen interface? Is it now stable enough for me to choose over the standard mouse driven interface?


I’d like to build a dedicated machine with a Dell touchscreen monitor

I use Roon on a PC with a touch screen. It works great. I have no complaints.

Data entry you’d want to do with a real keyboard, but that’s a universal issue with touch screen PCs. And fun with Roon is mostly not about data entry.

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You’re right. I’ve been road testing Roon for about 3 months now and I’ve used data entry only for searches and creating playlist names. No doubt, there will be more, but they are so few and infrequent it should not be an issue. So its the touch screen for me then.


Hi Ludwig,
Just installed Roon on a dedicated tablet/pc combo running Windows 10. Is there a touchscreen control for Windows. Can’t find it in the download section. Thanks

There is no special download from Roon needed for touch-screen operation.

If you mean settings within Roon, there are just a couple of relevant settings to make it work perfectly, such as hiding the mouse pointer, and bringing up the on-screen keyboard.

But even without messing with those settings it should pretty much work. Are you having trouble?

Stupid - failed to put the machine in tablet mode!!

Roon in Windows 10 Tablet mode is a bit wonky… it’s been on our todo list to fix someday

in the meanwhile, hit F11 to toggle fullscreen mode – it should be good for your use case

Thanks for letting me know. Returning the machine anyway; not happy that its card failed on first boot up. Going for a bog standard PC and an Iiyama touch screen.