Move Folders within my Music library. Does ROON cope with it?

Hi. I have my music library and there are folders within folders. As I use BOTH Roon and Audirvana (and Audirvana can not cope with folders inside folders, so it sees every album as a duplet), I want to move the folder inside my folder, so there is only one folder. Can Roon see this, or do I have problems when I load Roon? I want to manually move the folder inside a folder on my harddrive, if this makes sense. Best KnockKnock

Roon should cope OK but shut roon down while you are doing this. You might find roon will rescan your library again to reflect the changes when you run it next. Moving things around while roon is running will not be a good idea, or any other database style apps for that matter.

Nope, Roon does not see the (only one) file that I tried with. It says “The album can not be found” or something like this. It seems to me that Roon is still looking at the database and does not update this just because I move a file one folder level up.

In my practical experience, I create the new folder, make Roon look at it (settings, folders, add) then move files over to new folder, Roon picks up the moved files/folders nicely. Try that out as a test, with a couple of files or so.

or force a rescan in Storage settings for that location in the 3 dots menu

Did a rescan twice already. Nothing happens… The file is not shown in Roon (but it is shown in Audirvana) Afraid to loose all my files if I move my musik to another folder (but I have to to get Audirvana to cope with multiple files…)

Did that thanks, Roon can not see the moved file…

Sorry I don’t know what to suggest :frowning: - maybe flag support?

flag support? Who is that?

sorry… type @ support (without the space) in one of your posts and it will make sure the support team gets wind of your issue.

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Thanks Sallah. :smiley:

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Just got an idea, I try to add the folder that I am moving my files to, WITHOUT deleting the old one,a dn sees how that goes. If I then can see the file I have moved (one only… just to be carefull), I will try to delete the “old” library path. Maybe it works. What do you think: @support

Since I’m planning a big file structure update I just tested this with one album. I verified Roon’s file information for it, played it from the original location. Stopped playback, did not exit roon, moved the album to another folder under the root (a single music folder on a NAS that houses multiple sub folders for types and then by artist, so thousands of locations when abstracted). I waited about 5 seconds and tried the track again and it played perfectly, I then double checked Roon’s file info showed the new location. For a second test I moved 3 albums while Roon was disabled, when it was re-enabled it immediately started a re-scan and had them ready to play in about 15 seconds.

So in short the process does work normally, as long as the location you are moving to is definitely included in your library path then I would echo the suggestion to loop in support as something is not working properly on your core.

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Thanx Derek. :smiley: But I moved an album and ROON (within the same hardrive and to a folder that Roon should see, only one level up), can not find it any more, even after lots of restarts, and reloads. KnockKnock

Hi @KnockKnock,

You’ll want to use these instructions when moving parts of your library over:
Move Collection Over and Preserve Edits (<-Clickable link).

You’ll need to first disable the old folder location, move/copy the files, then edit the watched folder location in Roon -> Storage to reflect the new path.

– Noris

You where all right, After a rebbot everything works, I have moved tons of files to a mother level in my folder, and Roon is halfway of scanning them and putting them into place. Thanks I think this was it. :smiley:

But why am I having a dublet of this (and other albums)?

I moved my files one folder up, and deleted the old folder, BUT Roon is still looking in this old folder even though I deleted it (and emptied the trash)…!

If you go to Settings / Library / Library Maintenance / Clean up Library do you see any non-zero values for the available options? E.g. ‘Cleanup xx deleted files’, Cleanup x files that are not associated with a storage location’ .
Normally they should be ‘0’, if you have anything else run the cleanup process and see if it resolves.

Thnx Derek. The CleanUp thing solved my issue. :smiley:

Great !, glad you have it fixed and can get back to the fun stuff :slight_smile: