Moved Roon core from synology to windows. Don't see my roon ready speakers

Trying out Roon on windows to see if it performs better than my NAS version. I did the backup/restore, and edited the file locations, and Roon seems to be up and running fine.

Only issue is it doesn’t see the roon ready audio output for my blusound speakers or my hifiberry.

I think the issue is my Netgear Orbi or Bitdefender is blocking something. The windows machine is on the same network and segment as the old roon core. But I’m not sure what to change.

First, have you tried rebooting everything? this sometimes helps…

Next try temporarily disabling the firewall on the orbi?
Add exceptions in windows firewall and Bitdefender for “Roon” and “RAATServer” processes
See here for some help:

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I rebooted everything and also had to upgrade the os on the Blu’s and I’m working! The critical reboot seems to have been the windows machine I installed roon on. I think the FW changes didn’t take effect after the roon core installed.

As for speed - so far a HUGE difference over the synology! And this is just an old i5 thinkcentre with an SSD. But the music files are still on the NAS. (about 60K files)


Very pleased.

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