Moved to internal ROCK storage

Over the weekend I migrated my music library off my Synology NAS into my i5 NUC. The NUC is now serving as my Roon library and the storage site for the music library for my extensive Sonos nodes. I will say that Roon feels a lot snappier since the move. And it lets me take down the NAS for the time being until I decide how to repurpose it.

Next step is to see how playing music using both the Sonos native apps and Roon simultaneously works.

On the downside, I found a lot of data rot, with songs inexplicably in the wrong folders, mislabeled, renamed, and with the wrong album art, but that was easily fixable although it took lots of time and TLC. How an Elvis tune became labeled as a Band of Horses song remains a mystery, but we shall see how it goes moving forward.

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Roon doesnt do anything at all to your files other than read them, it cant move them or rename them, so this must have been done by something else.

I guess I wasn’t explicit in saying what I think did it. I blame iTunes as the likely culprit since neither Sonos nor Roon edit files.