Moving an album to new directory without losing play counts?

Guys I am totally new to Roon and I am discovering a lot day by day and it gets better and better.

I am trying to fit the way I am consuming music.
A new album must first be “musically digested” and only then it can go to the main library.

So, I have a folder called “new stuff” and inside it are a bunch of albums. Roon will be indexing those normally. I will be listening to these albums normally from Roon.
But when the time comes I will move the new album to the folder of the main music library.

Is there a way to move the new (or any) album to a new directory without losing the plays that I have already accumulated?

I tried this guide but it has zeroed my plays on the test album that I had moved.

I go through much the same process, i.e. new stuff is stored in one place, then moved to another. What works for me (and does retain play counts) is as follows:

  1. Duplicate/copy the album into the new location.
  2. Wait for Roon to scan it (i.e. wait till the progress ‘wheel’ stops spinning).
  3. Delete the original version.

This should result in the album being moved with your play count and any metadata changes intact. Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

I have never found the need to use a special folder for newly added albums. The Home screen contains an Recent Activity - Added view.

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Yupp, or if you feel inclined to:
Tag the “fresh” albums and create a bookmark to see them? That way they are “ear marked” for as long as you wish.
Just remove the tag if you decide to keep them…


Thanks guys for all the awesome feedback… :slight_smile:
I am trying things as I said, but now I will try to stick with DaveN’s approach.

I am following this method because it makes it clear for me what is tidy and ready to get to the library.


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