Moving Files from USB drive to internal drive

I’ve been running Roon ROCK for a couple of months with my music files on an external USB drive. I just modified my hardware configuration by moving the NUC board into an Akasa Turing case, and added an internal SSD drive.

Now I’d like to move my music files from the USB drive to the internal drive so I don’t have to have the USB drive connected. How do I do that?


Don’t know if this will work for you but it is how I would try and do it. Do you have a pc or laptop with Roon visible in the Computer Network tab? If its there, select Network, then Rock, then Data, then Storage. You should see Internal Storage and the usb attached device. You should be able to do drag and drop from there. There may be other ways I’m not familiar with.

Here is a screen shot of mine from a Windows 7 PC. I only have backups on my USB drive.

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Just to add to Mike’s info, here is a kb article that should help.

Once connected to ROCK storage, you should see both the internal storage and USB drive. Then drag and drop.

I’m not having any luck getting the network share to work. When I type \ROCK\Data, I get an error and when I click on Diagnose, it says I don’t have permission to access the share. Is there anything that can be done from the ROCK console? I have a keyboard and monitor connected.

I tried one more computer and got it to connect. Thanks for the pointers.

So you never had this working? You never used the network to add files to the USB drive while it was connected to the ROCK?

Then maybe this could be of help:

Yeah, once I got it working on the third computer I tried, I realized that I had used this feature when I initially set up the ROCK. Since then, I haven’t added any more music files since I use Tidal these days.

I no longer have the computer that I had initially set it up with. I am not sure why the first two computers I tried didn’t connect (one being a laptop), but could be the firewall settings are different.

At any rate, files are now copying.


That is usually a username/password situation. Windows will let one log on with a Microsoft username/password or your local username/password. The latter works for network shares. I don’t believe the Microsoft username will.

I realize this is after the fact but, I have a new laptop that I’ve been setting up and initially it did not get any network information from my internal network. Found it was set to public network. Changed to private and Rock showed up. Did not need to take any other actions.

This works but it is a very slow and inefficient way of moving the files as smb is in the middle. It would be better if we could open a file explorer either within the roon app or in a web browser allowing us to move locally attached files within rock without going via smb.

Roon are adamant that any form of file explorer does not have a place in Roon, you will find countless threads asking for Navigation and Play selection by File Explorer, they are also met with the same categoric no.

Roon is a music player , anything else really has to be done , however inefficiently, by external tools , eg editing files

Just a thought

Ok it’s not so bad if the smb server is on the same switch as the rock. I was trying to do it with one of the machines on wifi which was painfully slow.

You can boot some linux live system from usb, mount the drives and copy.