Moving from Qobuz to Tidal - Roon playlists

Apologies if this has been previously answered. I have seen a number of posts about migrating playlists between Tidal and Qobuz but haven’t found a post about changing streaming services and maintaining Roon playlists.

I am considering moving from Qobuz to Tidal.
I have a number of playlists created in Roon that are not in Qobuz, though each track has the Qobuz icon.

Will Roon retain the playlist and simply look for the album information in Tidal once I remove Qobuz or do I have to do some Soundiiz gymnastics to retain my Roon playlists?

Hi @Gideon_Kane

Just a fellow Roon user here.

Were the playlists created in Roon?
This might help - How to transfer Roon's playlists to Tidal or Qobuz

I tend to create playlists in Tidal (or Qobuz) first. Easier to migrate with Soundiiz.

Menzies -
Thanks for the quick reply.
The playlists I’m concerned about are Roon only playlists. They do not exist in Qobuz. If possible, I would like to maintain theses playlists as is without making them Qobuz or Tidal playlists.

I guess my question really is, if I remove Qobuz from Roon and add Tidal what happens to these Roon only playlists considering I had a Qobuz subscription when I created the playlists?

I hope that is clear

Once the Qobuz subscription is ended any albums, tracks etc that were Qobuz will simply disappear from your library or state unavailable.
This includes tracks in playlists.

Roon will NOT automatically repopulate with a Tidal version.

Last time I checked most Roon generated playlists were a mix of Qobuz and Tidal so I assume the playlist would remain and the Qobuz tracks disappear or just state unavailable when you view it.

The latter is correct, I dumped Tidal and see picture of Roon playlist, the Tidal tracks say unavailable.

I think the mothed in the linked post above might be your answer. :+1:

Although I’m unable to verify if this method works.

Argh. That’s what I was afraid of.

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

Thank you!

Use Soundiz to transfer playlist and Roon library links from one service to another. When I make playlist, I never use links from both Tidal and Qobuz in the same playlist. I usually make them in Qobuz, then copy into Tidal.

sorry already suggested by@Jim_F

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