Moving from TIDAL to Qobuz [Answered]

Dedicated HP laptop

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IPad remote
Onyx DAC
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1700 albums
9000 tracks

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I love Roon and also Tidal - but Qobuz comes really close to my music taste etc. Since I have added 1000’s of tracks and albums to Roon along with creating a few playlists - if I cancel Tidal and move to Qobuz will those tracks and albums automatically be switched to Qobuz? Please note I am not too concerned about moving the playlists or the playlist on my mobile device (I can use soundiiz for that) - I am strictly talking about the tracks and albums you see on Roons home page. Will those be lost? Or will Roon automatically detect Qobuz and simply switch them over. I’d hate to loose all that listening history. Thanks,

Hello @Ghulam_Rahmatullah,

Thanks for getting in touch about streaming services.

The way both TIDAL and Qobuz are integrated in Roon does not allow for an “automatic transfer” of your playlist from a service to another.

Using Soundiiz is a great way to transfer your playlists from a service to another. Once you favorite those playlists in Qobuz, they will immediately appear in Roon.

It is possible to transfer all your albums and tracks from TIDAL to Qobuz with Soundiiz. After the transfer you will receive an overview of the unsuccessful transfers (most of it is going very well). These can usually be found in Qobuz with a manual search.
If you have a subscription to Soundiiz (for a month), it is best to choose the ‘platform to platform’ option.

Thank you Rebeka. I really appreciate you getting back to me. If I decide to keep both Tidal and Qobuz, is there a way to flag one of the services as default?

Hey @Ghulam_Rahmatullah,

You’re very welcome!

I’m afraid there is no global setting at the moment (prefer TIDAL or prefer Qobuz). However, you can choose to Make Primary the version (TIDAL or Qobuz) you prefer for any given album:

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