Moving from windows to linux, Roon control options

Hi there,

I am making the move to Linux as my daily machine (from win 10) however I would still like to control Roon via the desktop. My fall back is to have a tablet sat next to me, but this is not quite right, plus my other half keeps nicking it!

So, I would either like direct control of Roon in linux, which I don’t think is possible, does anyone know different?

Or, I could run win 10 in a virtual mode and put the Roon control app in it (and maybe hqplayer, but that is another story). This all worked out fine until I got a “Roon could not find WGL functions required to initialise openGL”. I have googled around but I am not sure how to solve this, does anyone have any ideas?

Just to be clear, this is just control, I run ROCK on a separate NUC machine.


Yes, you can run Roon on Linux using Wine. See the following thread.

There’s also a script …

Yes, this is the option I was going to recommend. The script is super simple, basically a click and install solution to get Roon on Wine working.

So are these two different things? Should I do the ropieee/roon on wine or look through the tinkering thread?

They are both related. The script is mentioned in the thread, but the script is hosted on GitHub.

Thanks @Martin_Webster! It worked! I don’t know how much functionality it has, but it is great to control via the desktop.

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I haven’t been able to find any functionality missing.

Thanks @Jason_Carle2 - nothing missing so far!