Moving house/continent - need a temporary solution?

Hi all, need some advise please. I’ll be moving shortly internationally (USA to Aus), which means the servers/NAS’s get packed up and I expect to see them in a few months when I get our things delivered at our next permanent house. Meantime I off course would like to continue enjoying the Roon experience!
I’ve read various posts about transferring the core so that gives an idea on the software. Hardware is an other thing. I have an old laptop I could install Linux on and try to use that. I have copied my music on a USB drive for the temporary use. If one of you has done a similar move I would appreciate advice on your choices and to know what worked for you (and what not). Thanks, Rene

I do this all the time. No need to install Linux on your laptop, just load the server software (I keep forgetting, is that what they call ‘Core’ now) and keep it powered up on the network. Or you could install it on your current PC/Mac/laptop and it will run just fine. Pop your USB drive in and under settings/storage point it at the drive. It will give you a message that you don’t have enough licenses and do you want to uninstall yours, say yes and you are back listening to music.

Roon really make it easy to do this. I don’t restore my database so my changes are not reflected in each place but if this was a big deal for you you could try that. Remember, there is nothing stopping you having the Core and client on the same machine.

Hi Ian, thanks! Great advise and frankly what I was hoping for! You’ve had no issues when you went back to your original core?

no, I get the same message about swapping licence but then it is as if nothing happened. I have done this many times with never a problem. I did export all my favourites to excel format from Roon so that I can manually add them to the remote databases. I like this low tech approach as my main database remains untouched.

Works for me, thanks!

so the full proccess is

  1. Backup current database (better to cloud) at home
    good feature will be to make it remotely
    2.Initialize new core and transfer licence to it
    3.Restore just backuped database

I think lot of people will be happy to make this in one click and remotely
Please add this idea to feature request