Moving Installation Drive


Is there any way of moving the database on Windows (normally in %localappdata%) to another drive. I only ask because my boot © drive is a fairly small SSD and the Roon database takes up a valuable 20GB. The installation offers no choices of where to install the software.

Thanks for any help


Roon do not offer the option of an alternative location. It is apparently possible to achieve your wish using Windows symlinks, but unless you know what you are doing I would recommend leaving well alone.

I would not mess around with symlinks with the price of SSDs being so low at the moment. I would just upgrade the SSD to a larger one.

Thanks guys…you’re quite right, I’m not going to mess about with symlinks or registry tweaks etc…just thought there might’ve been a configuration file I could edit somewhere. Ah well…no problems!

DDJ :sunglasses:

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