Moving into a house with Control4

I am moving into a house that includes Control4 automation control. I am a longtime Roon user, with several Sonore and RPi endpoints. In the new house, we will use Roon in at least 3 locations: a main home theater, a dedicated listening room, and a guest room.

I confess that I’m unable to grasp the advantages of the Control4 integration with Roon versus the current Roon interface (Mac, iPad, and iPhone).

Operation of the home theater, which would use a Nucleus (I would need to purchase) connected to AV receiver via HDMI, would appear to benefit from a single, unified remote. However, the other two Roon endpoints would be connected to manually operated systems. Would I use the current Roon application on my Apple devices, or would I be limited to Control4 devices/apps?

Can anyone provide feedback on their experience with Control4 app vs. Roon’s Apple apps? How do they differ? Do you have preferences for one or the other?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Tbar,

You can find a few screenshots of our Control4 interface in the module documentation:

The Control4 module doesn’t have all of the capabilities of the native Roon app, but it is useful for when you already have a Control4 setup and a Nucleus and just wish to start playback to zones around the house.

It can control any zone which you have setup in Roon, but you won’t be able to make modifications to the audio stream (to DSP or device settings for example) from the Control4 module, the native Roon app must be used for this.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Noris!

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