Moving Music To Rock

I purchased a 2.5 inch, 2TB, 7mm, SATA-iii drive for my NUC. My understanding is that after I insert it in the NUC w/ Rock, it will be formatted.

After that, can I do the following:

  • Remove it and put it in a USB3 drive case (only $8 !)
  • Attach it to my Mac and copy over the music files
  • Then re-install it in the NUC

Will that work? If not, can someone please suggest another way to get the files across? (Note that my Mac has a wireless connection, so copying 1.5 TB of files across on the network is not practical.)

Apologies if this has been asked before. I searched here and the knowledge base and did not find it.

no, you must manually format it from the web ui.

no, your (stock) Mac cannot read EXT4 that is used to format that drive.

Copy the files over the network to \\ROCK\Data\Storage\InternalStorage\

You can read and write to and from EXT2/4 on a Mac using extFS (there’s other ways, but this is proven and supported). I use it at work and it’s flawless.

There’s a 10 day trial, which should be ample for a one-time bulk copy.

A simpler idea: can you lug in a temporary wired connection for the initial transfer of the entire library? Get a 100 foot Ethernet cable and string it through the house? That way, the transfer is relatively quick. Once it is transferred, wireless is ok for transferring new albums you buy.

This is what I did.

Thanks for the advice guys, but I already took care of this last week. Ended up doing a copy over wifi. Took 22 hours, but worked fine.

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