Moving Roon Core from a Synology NAS to a PC, then back to NAS?

I run the Roon Core on a Synology NAS; my music files are on the NAS, the database on an external USB SSD, and I also use Tidal.

The NAS has some hardware issue so I have to send it back to be repaired or replaced under warranty. I may be without a NAS for a while, depending on whether it needs replacing (new Synology are out of stock everywhere here for some reason).

I would like to use my PC as a Roon Core in the meanwhile, then go back to using the NAS once I get it back.

I have seen these two articles:

but I am still not clear on the process.

Say I move my music from the NAS to my PC ( I have enough space).
**The first link says that if I restore a backup, Roon won’t find the files (obviously). **
So do I edit the paths before or after trying to restore a backup? How does it work?

Basically I need to tell Roon that the music which was in //mynas//mymusic is now in D:\mymusic
Then, once I get the NAS back, I need to do the same process in reverse.


You should also give this a review.