Moving Roon core to a different computer

My Roon core is currently my old iMac. I want to set up my new Mac Studio as my new Roon core.

I have transferred my music library to the new Mac Studio and I have loaded all the music onto Roon 2 on this computer.

How do I remove Roon core from the iMac and set up the new Mac Studio as the new Roon Core?

You can do that, but I would leave a Roon core on the iMac and install a second Roon core on the new Mac Studio. Do a Roon backup of your old core. Then sign into your new Roon core. It will ask you to unauthorize your old core. Then restore the backup you did to the new Roon core.

It doesn’t hurt to have a second Roon core, you just can’t authorize but one at a time. Of course, if your old iMac does not meet the new minimum requirements for Roon 2.0, you would have to put it on Roon 1.8 Legacy. You just couldn’t use it as a Roon control device for the new Mac Studio running Roon 2.0.

To swap over to your new Roon core, go to Roon - Settings - Disconnect on the old core, disconnect from it, and authorize your new core device. It will probably ask you to unauthorize you old core. Click yes. You can swap back and forth at will.

@David_Page, please see this guide.

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Hi Martin, The guide says to upgrade both the original core and the new core host with the latest Roon version. My old Mc Mini can not be upgraded to 2.0 due to its pre 2012 OS limitation. If my sonic Transporter i9 has Roon 2.0, will the migration work?

Presently, there is database parity between 1.8 and 2.0, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Thank you! Will give it a shot