Moving Roon Core to SSD

I am still in the trial period. Roon core loaded to my C: drive that is a spinning HDD. I have an SSD and would like to move the core software to it. Is that possible and, if so, how?

Uninstall and install on the SSD? But I don’t think it matters much where the core is installed, its probably more important to put you roon database and the music on the SSD.

Thanks. How do I do that?

Hey Mark,

Right now we don’t support a configurable location for your Roon database on Windows, so it’s always going to be on your C:\ drive.

We strongly recommend running your Roon database on an SSD, so you’d need to replace the existing C:\ drive here – this will give you a serious performance boost, not just for Roon but for your Windows PC in general.

There are lots of tutorials out there about moving to a new Windows system drive (like this one), but I’ve moved this thread over to the Software section of Community, in case you have any questions. Let us know!

There is really no benefit in putting your music on SSD. Spinning drives are more than fast enough for that. Different story for the Roon database though.