Moving to Singapore, stuck with Tidal?

hi guys
About to move to Singapore, and I’ve been wanting to get off tidal, for various reasons. However Qobuz is not available. Frustrating that having invested in Roon for a lifetime subscription, there are no other options for integrating streaming service. A very restrictive situation. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome… thanks

If you currently live in a place where Qobuz is available, create an account and subscribe right away. You’re account will be usable in Singapore (including renewals). That’s what I did.

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Also, welcome to Singapore :slight_smile:

oh wow thanks Bart, that would be great. Currently in Australia. so yes available here. Would I need to keep paying from a CC outside Sing or a local one works? and thanks for the welcome, moving soon

I kept using the original card, but I suspect a local SG one would work too.

ok thanks… will try that then

I’m fairly certain that if you use a credit card that is not in a Qobuz supported country, it won’t allow you to sign up.

As for changing the card (for subscription renewal) to a different one from a non-supported country after completing the sign up process, I’m not so sure about that.

Thanks Peter. The issue is the time sink in exiting tidal, and adding all the same albums to the Roon library via Qobuz,. So hopefully it will work, if I maintain a cc from my current location.

To add your Tidal library to Qobuz you should use Soundiiz. It does it automatically for you.

As for any geolocation related issues with Qobuz and your Australian bank card, I would suggest you link your card to Paypal, register with Qobuz in Australia and use Paypal to pay for your monthly sub.

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wow you guys so helpful - thanks RBO… I’ll look into soundiiz now

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You’re welcome.

I should also mention that you will have to pay a small fee to Soundiiz, was £4-5 when I used the service.

How it works is very simple. You create an account, pay the subscription fee, select the services you want to transfer from/to and when all is done, cancel the sub so you won’t be charged the fee on a monthly basis.

that saved 2 hours of boring cross-checking. thankssss

I used Qobuz for years in Brasil before it recently became available here. I first had account in France, then a U.S, account paid annually through my Canadian PayPal account.