MP3 show bitrate

Would be great if Roon could show the bitrate for the mp3’s. i.e. 320kbps.


I would also like the feature.


The Bookmark/Focus combo is good for showing me which of my collection are MP3.
I’m currently trying to replace low bitrate ones (192kb/s and lower is my decision point) with CDs from eBay/ boot fairs etc. I’m accepting most 320kbps as being acceptable (again, my arbitrary choice, and only for now!)
But I can’t see a quick way to tell bitrate, other than through file properties.

This is something that we will hear more and more of, I’m sure.

I think it’s inevitable that we will eventually support this information.


I was holding back from requesting this, just to see if I’d really need it. But I miss it every time I see the “low quality” light due to MP3.

I’m also typically in a hurry and download the 128 kbps MP3 autorip from Amazon when buying an album. Being able to focus on these in Roon would be nice, so I can get a list of what to rip next.

This is coming in 1.1.