MP3? -> use Tidal CD quality

Yes, there are mp3’s in my collection. I know, how audiophile is that?
The nice thing is that with the advent of Tidal I have the cd quality version (and I hope the high res version in the not too distant future) available as well.

Now, I can create a focus on my mp3’s and then add them all in Tidal to my favourites, but it would be much nicer if there was a setting: replace mp3 with Tidal.
And in the future: replace mp3/cd with Tidal high res.


I also would like this feature.

We call this “Scan and match” internally. It’s something we definitely want to do.


Tidal hi res? Are you talking about MQA?

With all the cool new features recently and mqa available in Tidal and on the Roon horizon, I thought I’d give a gentle nudge to this old feature request.